Meet our Collagen Champ

Unleash the Power of Youthful Radiance with Collagen Champ: Your Ultimate Elixir for Timeless Beauty!

Our Collagen Champ

Unlock radiant beauty from within.
Better skin. Healthy hair. Stronger nails.


Recycled PET


Lactose Free


Gluten Free

Animal Welfare Certified


Gua sha tool

Dry brush

Collagen Champ | Sample Package

Step 1

Take one CHU vial out of the box.

Step 2

Shake well and drink.

Step 3

Repeat daily.

Step 4

Your skin journey has begun,
give it some time babe and stay consistent!

Why Choose CHU


The quality of this product is so good, and the ingredients are definitely effective for me. As I age, it becomes crucial for me to incorporate more vitamins and supplements into my routine, and these have certainly made a significant difference in the health of my nails and skin. My complexion appears brighter and more radiant since I started using them. It has also positively impacted my overall well-being, and I feel more energized!


Esmeralda (57Y)


I can’t wait to start with my 3th box!
My hair and nails are much stronger already and they grow way faster. Ive also noticed  my skin is better hydrated and not as dry as it used to be, my favorite part of taking this supplement is that its SO tasty, its actually nice to drink it daily. Which really helps in staying consistent.


Josje (34Y)


I am very satisfied with the results I have experienced after taking the Collagen Champ for a few months. Not only has my hair become fuller and it seems like my hairloss has honestly became way less, but my skin also looks better and more plump! I first noticed improvement in my nail growth but after 3 months I see visible changes in my skin quality.I highly recommend giving it a try if you are looking for an easy solution!


Sabrina (39Y)


Love the tasty and easy solution that CHU made!! I already had tried collagen powder before but I didn’t take it daily, because it wasn’t really enjoyable to take. But this liquid is super tasty and really easy on-the-go. Love the fact that it has vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in the bottle as well. So im definitely sticking to this liquid, plus I don’t have to think about re-ordering my box, ‘cause I automatically receive it each month.


Megan (31Y)

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