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CHU-BLOG- Beautyhacks Daphne Hari

5 Beautyhacks (& Budget proof)

Daphne Hari’s secret must-know beautyhacks

#1 Your MINI guide to a healthy RAMADAN fast

5 healthy tips from elite performance nutritionists!

Fasting during Ramadan is like running a marathon. Just like a marathon runner needs to fuel their body with the right nutrients, a person fasting during..

#2 Postpartum hairloss

We’re here to guide you towards achieving healthy hair ♥

As a mother of five, I know all too well the toll that pregnancy and postpartum can take on your body. With my first child, Amber, I didn’t experience much hair loss or skin issues after delivery, and I have an amazing first pregnancy, so I was caught off guard 


#3 The INS- and OUTS
skincare treatments

a conversation with Jolien, owner Skintherapy Amsterdam.


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