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My BEAUTY secrets
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First of all, very important: make sure you do your skincare routine, morning- and evening. Let this sink in: skincare is healthcare. I don’t think many people realize the importance of skincare.

Your moisturizer and the right spf for example, can provide a barrier on the surface of your skin which can help to protect it from pollutants and toxins.

And remember; it doesn’t matter what age u are, its never too late to start with skincare!

Besides the skincare, make sure you treat your bodies with love , make sure you hydrate, eat well and sleep enough hours. (Scientific studies have shown that women in general need more sleep than men! Good excuse to sleep in while HE makes breakfast 🙂 )

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Double cleansing; Since im turning 37 next month, I really notice I have to treat my skin different than 10 years ago. I had to step up my skincare game, nutrition and hours of sleep, to keep my skin nourished. So what I have been doing since 2 years is double cleansing. This is my first step in my skincare routine, morning and evening! Which basically means I first clean my face with something to take either make-up or dirt, excess product of my skin; can be with a cleansing oil, or micellair water (Avene or La Roche posey for example are around 14euro). And follow up with a creaming cleanser to actually clean my skin properly. Its like shampooing your hair! I shampoo my hair twice. First rinse is taking out all the excess product, and 2nd rinse to actually clean the hair.

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Have a face treatment monthly. Like I mentioned above, I need to make more effort now, so incorporating a face treatment every month is very much welcome. This can either be a hydrafacial with skin booster, or a connective tissue massage for the face and neck area: affordable and has shown great results when doing it regularly. It increases blood circulation and gives you that healthy glow in only 30 minutes or so.

I’ve incorporated  a
generous amount of eye cream


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Under eye cream. As we get older, our skin just gets dryer. Thats a fact. And I started to notice my under eye skin can get so dryish. So what I’ve incorporated in my routine is putting a generous amount of eye cream under my eyes and putting some cling film on top of it and just let it sit for 10 mins, i’ll do this a couple times a week. I do love the under eye patch that are for sale in stores, but to use these (almost) every day and throwing them out after… There is a more budget friendly way to do this, and cling film is something almost everyone has in their kitchen, or you can buy “reusable under eye patches” which are more environmental friendly ‘cause u can wash them and use them again.

So; apply eye cream under your eyes, cut 2 little pieces of cling film (or the reusable under eye patches) and put it under your eyes over the cream. Let it sit for 10 mins. And massage any excess product into the skin. Follow with the next steps of your routine.

There are some really proper eye creams for sale in pharmacies from certain brands that do their work and are not that expensive, like La Roche Posay.

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After 30’s start incorporating products into your routine with active ingredients. I use Retinol a few times per week at night, and follow up with a calming balm from La Roche Posay B5.

I use a 1% BHA exfoliant in the mornings (I have a sensitive skin with some light rosacea on my cheeks. So I also use a lot of calming products). Furthermore my skin loves a good vitamin C serum. There are good products on the market, that are effective and not crazy expensive like The Ordinary or Paula’s Choice.

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I use hyaluronic acid in my routine, before my moisturizer. But, I dont just apply it. I apply it on damp skin. I mentioned before, and this is a fact, that our skin gets dryer the older we get. And hyaluronic acid is great, it gives that plumping effect on our skin, but what happens with hyaluronic acid is that it really only does its job if there is enough moisture for it to pull from. Now you can damp your face with water, but I use a thermal spring water (you can get it at pharmacies like Avene or Vichy) it has nutrients that work great for dry skin.

    Good to know;

    there is
    IN the Collagen Champ peeps.

    Good to know; there is Hyaluronic acid IN the Collagen Champ peeps. There are multiple studies done that have shown great effects for the skin when taking in hyaluronic acid as a supplement.

    Disclaimer: i am not a dermatologist. This is not sponsored. These routines and products are what work for me, and my skin! For professional help on skincare visit a dermatologist.

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