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As a mother of five, I know all too well the toll that pregnancy and postpartum can take on your body. With my first child, Amber, I didn’t experience much hair loss or skin issues after delivery, and I have an amazing first pregnancy, so I was caught off guard when it hit me hard with my second pregnancy. During these 9 months I was exhausted, in pain, and had severe bleedings. And to top it off, my hair started falling out like crazy a few weeks after delivering Houda…

I tried everything – different shampoos, scalp serums, eating healthier – but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, it started to subside around 14 months postpartum. But with my third pregnancy, it came back again. This time, I knew what to expect and didn’t worry too much about it.

the TWINS,

twice the loss

But after my fourth pregnancy with twins, my hormones were all over the place, and my hair was rapidly thinning, I had major hair recession, and it was making me feel super insecure. It took longer than before as well, at least 18 months postpartum and it was still a problem. I already felt like an unattractive, tired, house slave at times, im sure all (new) moms can relate,  – and this was just adding insult to injury.

So, I started looking more closely into my diet and realized I needed to step up my supplement game, lower my cortisols, and get as much sleep as possible, even if it meant going to bed between at 9 pm back then, since I still had kids waking up during the night.

I knew collagen supplements were essential for overall health from the age of 25+, but I knew I needed something easy to use and sustainable with my busy lifestyle, yet tasty enough to take everyday and still of course (very important): a high quality collagen, without shady ingredients.

That’s when I decided to formulate my own supplement, born out of my own experience and need for a good, effective solution. 

So we developed the Collagen Champ with a team of experts, the formula contains:

  • 5 gram of bovine collagen peptides per daily dose, which has great benefits for skin, hair, gut health and muscle tissue but it also contains
  • vitamin c (contributes to collagen production),
  • hyaluronic acid (YES!) studies have shown drinking your hyaluronic acid can give great results in that nice plumping effect for skin,
  • Zinc, besides supporting the immune system it also supports hair- and nail growth,
  • Biotin, benefits to healthy skin, hair and nails. It is essential for healthy, strong hair.




After taking this formula, I started noticing lots of baby hairs coming back and my hair and skin really improved. I think after 8 weeks I started seeing first results. My skin looked more glowy and radiant.

What is important to know, is that of course with everything, it has to be in balance, so check my tips below:

What worked for


Just to sum everything up:

  1. Make sure your stresslevels aren’t going through the roof; meaning, with a little one, or kids in general, sleep can be rare. So, try to go to bed early, my bedtime is max 10pm during weeknights (weekends with dinners etc. my bedtime will be later). Drink black tea, worth the try right? I drink 2 cups of Chai tea every day, they say it can lower your cortisol.
  2. Nutrition, check your diet. Make sure you nourish your body with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and try to skip refined sugars, they can do so much harm and actually break down the collagen production. What helps for me is I allow myself in the weekends to enjoy the refined sugars, cause skipping them completely is just very hard in this society and im just a major sweet tooth.
  3. Workout, soooo important to move that body and set all sorts of healthy processes in motion, get the endorphine rush, and; it lowers your stresslevels. Find something you like. Walking, biking, fitness, pilates, but workout. I used to do mainly fitness, love weight training (I can’t stand cardio), but, at some times during my hormonal cycle I noticed I just wasn’t in the mood or couldn’t get my *ss to the gym. I tried hot yoga in the evening I honestly love it. I still go to the gym but a little less as before and instead I incorporated hot yoga at least once, sometimes twice a week, in the evening. I just get so relaxed and not only my body but my mind as well! It’s like a form of meditation for me in a nice warm room stretching the spine and being completely quiet for an hour.
  4. Take Collagen Champ daily, after 28 days take a short break; 5-7 days preferably. After that go on with your next box of 28 vials, and take a short break again, repeat. -> Good to know; if you subscribe to the Collagen Champ, you will automatically receive a new monthly box after 32 days. This allows you to take a break after every box before receiving a new one.
  5. Haircare, try a scalp serum, there are some good, natural, scalp serums on the market that can definitely benefit, and a healthy scalp contributes to healthy hair!

Postpartum hairloss facts:

  •  Postpartum hair loss usually occurs 3 to 6 months after childbirth, but can last up to a year.
  • About 90% of new mothers experience some form of hair loss after giving birth.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to increased hair growth, but after childbirth, this can quickly decrease and hair loss may occur.
  • Postpartum hair loss is temporary and the hair will eventually grow back.
    It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your hair to promote the recovery process.
  • On average, most people lose around 100 hairs a day, but pregnant women can lose just half of that number.

Source: American Academy of   Dermatology Association  

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