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What is collagen good for?

Collagen has a lot of benefits for the body. For example, collagen is good for promoting elasticity and firmness of your skin and helps reduce wrinkle formation. In addition, it helps to strengthen hair, nails, bones and cartilage. In short, collagen is a glue-forming protein that holds everything in the body together and keeps it flexible and firm, incredibly important and essential for our bodies.

What are hydrolyzed collagen peptides?

Our collagen is hydrolyzed. This means that the fibers of the collagen have been broken down into smaller molecules: collagen peptides. By forming these smaller particles, collagen enters the bloodstream faster. As a result, it is more easily and quickly absorbed by our body.

What kind of collagen do your liquid collagen shots contain?

Collagen can be obtained from a variety of sources. The most common are cattle (bovine), and fish sources. Our liquid collagen shots contain verisol®, a bovine collagen. There is a small difference between bovine collagen and fish collagen in terms of efficacy, but we specifically chose verisol’s formula because of taste, and less risk of allergies than using fish collagen.

How many grams of collagen do your liquid collagen shots contain?

Our liquid collagen shots contain 5 grams of collagen per daily dose.

Why do you have a liquid collagen shot and not collagen powder or other kind?

Besides all the benefits of collagen, we especially want to offer everyone convenience. This is one of the reasons why we have developed a liquid collagen shot. An advantage of liquid collagen over powder is that it does not need to be dosed, because we have already done that for you in our ready-to-use shots. In addition, you can easily take our liquid collagen on the go and unlike with powder or pills, you don’t need water. On top of this, with a tablet form, your body has to break down the tablet, so in that case it takes a little longer to absorb the collagen. Finally, we have added some essentials to our shots, such as vitamin C (needed to form the collagen) hyaluronic acid to hydrate and protect the skin and biotin and zinc to strengthen the hair. You could say that our Collagen Champ is actually a complete beauty formula.

Is your liquid collagen halal?

Yes, our liquid collagen is halal.

I am lactose intolerant or prefer not to take lactose, can I use your liquid collagen?

Yes, our liquid collagen is lactose-free.

I can't take gluten or prefer not to take gluten, can I use your liquid collagen?

Yes, our liquid collagen is gluten-free.

What vitamins, minerals and natural substances does your liquid collagen contain?

Our liquid collagen contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, biotin (vitamin B8) and zinc. Each of these has benefits that make our shots even more effective.

May I take the collagen supplement if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Keep in mind that taking supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding should always be discussed with your healthcare provider. This website is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment from your healthcare provider.

How do you recognize a shortage of collagen?

This can cause a variety of symptoms. You may recognize a shortage of collagen by characteristics such as sagging or dull skin, achy bones and joints, restless intestines, weak nails or lifeless hair. In addition, from the age of 25, our bodies produce less collagen and you may build up a shortage faster. This is related to the skin aging process.


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